What's the deal with this blog? A Welcome Note

Carrie Bradshaw lied to us. She gave some of us eating disorders, and she made us ALL see a bunch of bad movies. Oh, and there's no Santa Claus, either.

I came to this conclusion myself years ago, having lived near the NYC area all my life, and having moved into Manhattan about 5 years ago. I came here ready to 'pound the pavement', wade through a dating pool of Mr. Mediocres, and live in an apartment the size of a cargo van. What surprised me were the legions of women I've come to know who moved here expecting the fantasy life of the HBO series Sex and the City. Come on now ladies, no one watches Weeds and decides it's a safe & sexy idea to start their own home weed business to support their family.

But here's the thing: New York can be exciting, surreal, magical, fill-in-your-favorite-adjective! I've had glimpses of it, and I'm dedicated to climbing to the point in my career and social life where I'll have years of it.

It just takes savvy, knowledge, and determination. I've started this blog to share my own journey through the wilds of Manhattan which will help the visitor, the new NYC lease-signer, or the woman thousands of miles away who just wants to know: what is life in New York City really like?

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