Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mission close to impossible: Beat the summer heat in Midtown, NYC

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I woke up this morning crying.  Oh wait, no.  That's just sweat.  My large fan hovering 1 foot away from my face doesn't really do much in the hottest months of Manhattan summer weather.  My sheet clings to my body like saran wrap.  What can I say?  Welcome to summer in New York City, also known as Satan's Playground.

The exclusive Soho House Members Only Pool Club.  Remember the SATC episode when Samantha , so desperate to avoid the heat and get in, donned a British accent liberated someone else's identity?  It's good to know that everyone dies in the NYC heat, even the girls.  (Side note:  Those are NOT my feet, for so many reasons.  Get a grip.)

I have an air conditioner in my living room, which I try to use as little as possible(and isn't that powerful, anyway.)  My strategy for the summer months is to head out and make various Starbucks and hotel lobbies my satellite offices.  I know my little Hell's Kitchen / Theatre District -ey quite well, so I thought I'd share the BEST places to stay cool and hide from the heat in my hood.  Whether you're a tourist or a resident, chances are you will be made to kill time in Midtown at any point in time.  Without further adieu,

Places to hide from the heat and get some work done in Midtown West, Manhattan
  • Mariott Marquee- 1535 Broadway, bet. 45th & 46th. 8th Floor.  This is by far my favorite hangout to read and be inspired.  This lobby is a mashup of Space Mountain and  Denny's:  exciting and comforting.  Just note they do NOT have accessible wifi, but if you like you can mosey right down into to Broadway's Marquis Theatre and pretend you're Sutton Foster.  Not that I do that.  At all.  
  • Lenny's- on 9th Ave, cross street 43rd.  Alright so this Lenny's has a SUPER Huge, SUPER COLD AIR CONDITIONED, back eating area.  This is a great way to avoid the hoards loitering in the more obvious Starbucks'.  There is free wireless at this one and tons of outlets.  The only downside?  No free refills on coffee.  
  • Starbucks- 825 8th Ave, at 52nd St.  You will see a ton, obviously, but this is the best one.  Tons of room, freezing cold, clean bathroom, nice baristas, and... a secret nook!  It feels like the King & Queen of Starbucks should be sitting there.  It's totally private wrapped around the end of the store; it really feels like my own satellite office at times.  Oh, and don't forget to get their "Starbucks Membership Card" for the free coffee refills and free syrups.

How to amuse yourself in the gross city Heat
  • All done working?  Go to the movies.  Just go.  It's so cold in there.  When the sun sets the Hudson River near the Intrepid is nice to walk around.  But the best idea of all??  Visit your friends who live on the East Side: newer apartment buildings with central air.  


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